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Hannah & Michaels Wedding

Flowers - Kurtzys flowers & event stying

Venue - Glenworth Valley

Photographer - JP Imagery

Testimonial - Bride

Bec at Kurtzy flowers was without a doubt my most trusted and relied upon vendor. She went above and beyond to help with every aspect, even things that weren’t her responsibility, she stepped up and really came through for a stressed bride! The florals were exceptional, she captured my dream to a T. After our consultation I felt a big sign of relief and so at ease as she really knows her stuff and is so thorough with her meticulous planning, I knew I was in confident and capable hands.

I loved my flowers so much I have had them sent for resin preservation so I can keep them forever.

Thanks again to Bec and her helpers, my favourite vendor, I would recommend them to everyone.

-Mr + Mrs Costa

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