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Jodi & Brads Wedding

Jodi & Brads Wedding

Flowers and Styling - Kurtzys Flowers & Event Styling

Photographer - Scott Lahiff Photography

Venue - Magenta Shores (last minute wet weather change to inside)

Cake - Kristel Stoodley

Jodi Thurlow - Bride

Our special day exceeded expectations, I wouldn't expect anything less with Rebecca Kurtz on the job! Three days later, I am still in fairyland with how amazing the flowers and styling were. With a last minute wet weather change, Bec went to great lengths to ensure everything was just as, if not more breathtaking than originally planned.Bec is one of the most incredibly talented, professional, kind and compassionate people I have ever met. I briefly described what I had envisioned for my special day, and Bec turned it into a reality. I will be forever grateful and could not highly enough recommend her services 💐Just look at this stunning arbour created by Bec!

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